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How to gain access to our Deco M9 plus AC2200 Smart Home Mesh Wi-Fi System

It is most important and the very first step to getting access to our router, only then we will be able to play with our router as per our wish. For this the user must be on the same path as the router, that is either connects to the router using an Ethernet cable or you can connect to the wireless network-oriented by your router. Try the following mentioned procedures...

Opening a browser is the very essential and initial step to perform all such actions.

  • After that we need to enter the following IP address one by one into the search bar:,,,,,
  • If you have got the login page then it is a piece of good news for you, but if you have not got the login page, then try these further steps...
  • The window logo should be clicked once that is created on the left side of the taskbar
  • Then, hover the cursor over the icon of SETTINGS.
  • From there select the type of internet or the network that you will be using
  • Go to the properties of the internet, here scroll down and look for the "Default Gateway".
  • The number that is given next to the Default Gateway is the IP address of your router.
  • Copy this IP address and type at the URL bar in your browser.

A login window will be served to you, which mean you have successfully accessed the router. Now your next should be to log in as the administrator of Deco M9 Plus. You have a good chance to use ADMIN as the default password by the off chance if you have not changed it.

Setup the new IP address of your TP-Link RE305 1200 Mbps router

Most of the people are not clear about the local IP address and the public IP address. Let us give you clarity about the difference between these two terms. As the name suggests, the public IP address the address that you see for your computer and servers outside your network, when you try to connect with. It is the same address that you see while looking for the website "what is my IP?”

This public IP address is provided to you by your Internet Service Provider, and we don't have the control over it. It is hard to say that your public IP address would be dynamic or would be static, as the ISPs can give both dynamic as well as static. If you have got the dynamic IP, then it would be changing from time to time on its own.

The local IP address is the address that is assigned to your router and the devices hooked to it. You can change it as per your convenience. Following are the ways how can we change our local IP address with

  • Put your default IP address into the search bar of the web browser. It should be the best one in terms of compatibility and performance.
  • The user name and password must be used to log in the router.
  • Hit the option of SETUP and then choose for Network Settings.
  • Type the new IP address of the router at the Router Settings option.
  • Click on SAVE to save the settings.
  • After modifying the new IP address you will not be able to approach the router using the older IP address for tplink Wi-Fi setup and tplink Wi-Fi login.

Reset your TP-Link AV500 router to the factory defaults by hard reset method

A hard reset method will help you to restore your device to factory default settings. You need to configure the device from scratch. You can even get the configuration file that you have backed up before the reset. For this process, we could seek the help of the WPS/RESET button at the back panel of the router. In some of the models of TP-Link, it can be given on the top panel of the router. To start the process, push the button for at least 5 seconds, and then the WPS LED will blink. To make it completely reset on to the default settings, press the button gently for 10 to 15 seconds and release it gradually.

Change the login information of your RE305 1200 Mbps router

The first thing to that one should do after acquiring access over your router is to change the default password. It should such that it cannot be hacked by cybercriminals or cannot be stolen by your neighbouring homes. The stealers can disable your wireless security and can grab your personal data and you will not be able to smell these malicious activities at the moment. So to avoid such hassle we recommend all the TP-Link users to modify the password after dong a successful installation.

To change the password of your RE305 1200 Mbps router;

Open or unlock your favorite’s browser and enter the IP address of your router at the search bar.

Login with the default username and the password, both should be case-sensitive.

Go to the settings and select the option to change the password or any other similar option that will available there.

Enter the new password. It must be unique and such that should not be easily guessable.

Save the settings by tapping bat the save tab.

A strong and powerful password must be of eight or more than those characters. It should be a mix-up of letters, numbers, and special characters.

Reset your TP-Link AV500 router to the factory defaults by hard reset method

A hard reset method will help you to restore your device to factory default settings. You need to configure the device from scratch. You can even get the configuration file that you have backed up before the reset. For this process, we could seek the help of the WPS/RESET button at the back panel of the router. In some of the models of TP-Link, it can be given on the top panel of the router. To start the process, push the button for at least 5 seconds, and then the WPS LED will blink. To make it completely reset on to the default settings, press the button gently for 10 to 15 seconds and release it gradually.

Reset your TP-Link AV500 router with the assistant of

For this, the users are required to have the IP address and the password of the router. If you don't have these two credentials you should look at the router's label that is printed on its body. With the web-based utility, it is very simple and easy to log in and configure the management page of the router. As we all know that the web-based utility can be used on any window, Mac, or UNIX OS with a web browser. All the web browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer and Apple safari. The biggest and the most important benefit of this method is that it is the inbuilt internal web server that does not require any kind of internet access. But it requires your device to be connected with the router. It depends on you that you make this connection wired or wireless. That should be into our conscious, never use low compatible browser else it can arise a lot of compatibility problem with your tplink router setup.

Steps to perform the Reset via web interface

  • To obtain the IP address automatically on your computer, set up the TCP/IP Protocol
  • Visit and create your own login password to get a secure management purpose. Click at let's get started to login to the web interface.
  • Visit at the tab "Advanced", and then visit "System Tool"
  • Then visit "Backup and Restore" page.
  • Then click to "Factory Restore" then wait till the router gets rebooted to its default factory settings.

Make sure that the router is switched on properly before it gets restarted completely.

How to get a better gaming experience with TP-Link wireless routers

For the users of TP-link it is hardly a matter to be worried about how can we get the best performance out of our router to play games and to stream a seamless network. If you are a broadcaster or a streamer or a gamer, TP-Link is always been inclined towards finding the facts to improve and polish your experiences in all such areas of entertainment and browsing. These days as the demand for online gaming has been increased up to a large extent, people are facing multiple issues while using their Wi-Fi network out of their Wi-Fi routers. There are a lot of threats and dangers that you might experience, such as cybercrime, hacking and data-stealing or password cracking, etc. Most of the problems are not been left without a solution from our experts of or let us talk about some of the troubles along with their resolutions.

1. Problem of Extending the Network and bandwidth

People are unable to get the best out of their router's as they have not placed their router into the correct place or location of the house. If you have added a Tplink extender to your Wi-Fi network, but still are getting issues to connect your devices that are far away from the router and the extender, it because of faulty placement of router and the extender. Sometimes extender is unable to sync with your router due to its wrong placement. Incorporate the powerline adapters in your Wi-Fi network to stretch the area of coverage of your Wi-Fi connection. These powerline adapters are the bridge technology that helps you to increase the clutch of your network to the places where you find low or no connection. It also makes your home network to be more stable and secure with an enhanced speed to give you break less gaming experiences.

2. Issue of connecting and gaming of multiple persons from the same location

Day by day online gaming is attaining popularity very swiftly, and that is why we face the issue of multiple players, playing online games, from a particular time and location. Getting jeopardize in your ranking, is very disappointing during an online match or gameplay, as it affects our ranking up to a great extent. None of us would like to spoil their reputation in the online hub as a gamer. So let us move towards the solution of this issue. Take your router and setup port forwarding to it. You can do it manually by resetting the router by pressing the reset tab or you can reconfigure your router through Always configure the router and the extender by using an Ethernet cable as a direct connection. Using this Ethernet wire for installing and configuring the router, will give you much better results as compared to wireless configuration. In case your gaming setup is far away from the main router, then it is better to use a powerline adapter for setup and configuration of your router and the extender.

3. Issue of Bandwidth that is not shared evenly to all devices

It is a very common issue that our family members and friends, keep on downloading music, videos, movies, or other HD videos while we are focusing and is busy in cracking our previous gaming records. It is a very natural occurrence to get disturbance whilst playing something very interesting game or downloading and transferring some essential files or data. To stay away from such annoying scenarios, you need to set up a specific SSID for gaming and guarantee separate fragments of bandwidth for each of the users in your house.

Our traditional routers, having the single-user MIMO can bear only one user at a time. In today's time number of users is increasing in an average of the house around the world, and that is why the demand for having a router that can bear maximum users at a single time, is increasing rapidly. TP-Link DECO Plus series, TP-Link Archer series, and N router series have the ability to serve more and more users at a single time. You can set a specific SSID to each of the users with a limited and controlled data uses by controlling your Bandwidth by separating the other users of your house through guest mode.

4. How to check the Wi-Fi sweet spot?

For verifying the Wi-Fi sweet spot in your house, there are plenty of applications, which are available for your android and IOS devices. You can easily download these apps from the Apple play store or the Safari, or the Google play store. These apps are called Wi-Fi analysers that helps to find Wi-Fi sweet spot in your house or you can even monitor your internet connection with its signal strength. One of the examples of such an app is TP-Link's "Tether App". This app can be downloaded for both of the devices, either android or IOS. If you have the right networking products of TP-Link, then you need not be the slaves for the internet access point or location in your house. With the help of this unique and special Tether App, you can even update the firmware of your router and can get your router reset to its factory default settings.

5. How to check the connection and downloads?

You cannot deny with the fact that in each of our houses, users are increasing as we all have mobiles, laptops, computers, and our kids are having games, tablets, and other such entertaining equipment that consume data from your Wi-Fi network and bandwidth. In such situations, a dual-band or a tri-band Wi-Fi router can help you a lot to solve the issue of bandwidth distribution. Double or triple band routers can extend the range of your network, and can enhance the performance by giving two independent and separate channels that are 2.4GHz and 5 GHz, that can instantly split between your optimized devices. Moreover, a dual-band router with C stander and with quad-core processor can be a great choice for you.

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How to configure the basic wireless settings for TP-Link 11N wireless router?

This is an 11G and dual-band wireless router. Connect the computer to the TP-Link router using an Ethernet or using any wireless network. But the wired connection is the most preferable network connection. Log in to the web-based utility management of your router.

  1. Scroll on to Wireless>Wireless Settings on the left side menu and the wireless setting page will be displayed over to you.
  2. At the SSID locus, create a new and unique name for your wireless network.
  3. Tick both the options for "Enable Wireless Router Radio" and "Enable SSID Broadcast". After that do not touch any other settings on this page.
  4. Click the save and make your changes secure.
  5. Scroll to Wireless, then scroll on to Wireless security from the left of the menu.
  6. Use WPA/WEP2 as the security encryptions.
  7. You can also select WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK as the encryption.
  8. Hit the SAVE tab to save the settings.
  9. Now click on to REBOOT option to reboot the router to get the settings into effect.
  10. You can even reboot the router using the SYSTEM TOOL option.

This is how we can do the basic settings of our TP-Link 11N router using the above simple steps.

How to change the SSID of TP-Link TL-WR840N 300 Mbps Router with ?

The SSID is like a fancy term for the network name, but you would be probably aware of the fact that all Wi-Fi networks are uniquely identified by a series of characters. Never leave your PC with a generic name that must be changed as soon as possible after the installation of your router and after changing the password and IP address. To do this course of action, you required to go through with the following steps.

  • Open a web browser from your laptop, PC or mobile.
  • Navigate to the search bar and enter the IP address of your router.
  • To login, enter the password and the user name at the popping area for these two details.
  • At the SETUP option click on it.
  • Wireless settings should be selected after clicking the SETUP option.
  • There you should type the new SSID, save the settings and wait till the router gets rebooted.

While keeping the SSID for your router, stay away from the things or characters that might be considered as an offensive action. Never make it a public hot-spot. If you will keep a fake SSID, then it slows down the download and uploads speed.

How to select the right screen resolution for the best gaming experience on Tplink router

Low resolution on the monitor is very annoying and disappointing. For attaining a better gaming experience, you must have optimum internet speed. But we cannot put the entire blame on your computer screen, because it could be due to the lowest speed of your internet connection. To resolve this, you have to update the firmware of your router to the available latest version, and if your still face issue, then you need to replace the router to a gaming gaming-specific router. The router which is made for gaming can boost your internet speed up to 25% to give you the best gaming experiences. Some of the best TP-Link routers for gaming are, TP-Link Archer C5400 v2. TP-Link Archer C5400X, TP-Link AC5400 Tri-band Gaming Router, and TP-Link AC4000 Smart Wi-Fi Router.

How Can I change my WIFI Password TP-Link?

If you are using the router of “Broadband Solutions”, then use the following steps to change the WIFI password of your TP-Link WIFI Router.

  1. Open the web browser from any of your smart device, and write the LAN IP address of your ADSL router, just at the address line of the browser. is the IP address of your TP-Link ADSL WIFI router by default. After giving the IP address to the web browser, press ENTER. In case the router denies to accept the IP, address or is giving error, then you should try the smart setup wizard
  2. After giving all the above requirements into the web browser, you will be awarded with a login window of your router. At this login window, enter the password and the user ID. Both are admin and is case-sensitive.
  3. Click Management Tools, then click Access Control, and at last click Password. To change the password, first, you have to type the Old password of your router, then type the new password. After typing the new password, type it once again, in order to confirm the new password.
  4. Just below this page there will be the “SAVE” tab or the “APPLY” tab, click on it, and save the settings.

How can we activate the remote management to TP-Link AC1200 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System?

Thanks to the latest remote management functionality that one can monitor their home mesh Wi-Fi system even staying out of the home. We can manage it from anywhere using the smartphone or the laptop. Just throw some needful attention towards the steps to access your router being outside the home.

  • Take an entry into the admin's panel of your router.
  • Look for Remote management into the Settings.
  • Turn on the remote management option and then save the settings.

The remote is not turned on by default due to some security reasons. Using these feature hackers can break the password and username of your router. That is when you are not using this feature keep it turned off or keep it on disable mode.

How can we check that who all are connected to our TP-link Wi-Fi router ?

Sometimes we might have noticed fluctuating internet speeds regardless of our activities. There can be a chance that somebody from the outside is using your network without your permission and knowledge. To detect this activity we need to go to the administrative panel of the router.

  • Find the IP [address of your router and type inside the browser's URL bar.
  • Log in to the router as the Admin using
  • Find for the options, like “My Network” or “Attached Devices”.
  • Here you can find the outsider and the stealer of your Wi-Fi.
  • Throw them out of your network and block its MAC address permanently.

How to modify the wireless channel and band of TL Archer Router ?

The wireless router can support various 802.11 standards, that can provide several and different types of radio channels. These radio channels also called the bands. The bands are used as Wi-Fi communications, and these bands can be fragmented into multiple channels.

if the client is using the latest router then their router might support the 2.4 GHz band as well as 5 GHz bands. As we know that the 2.4 GHz band is the most commonly used band whereas the 5 GHz band is less common that is why it is less crowded. Due to this reason, most of the smart Wi-Fi users prefer to use the 5GHz band. To select the channel we recommend you to use Net spot that is network analyzer.


How can I find my WIFI Password TP-Link?

Ans. By default, the password for your TP-Link WIFI router is “ADMIN”, but if you have replaced this default password earlier, just after configuring your router for the first time, then there is no other way to recover the password, in case you forget it. The only way to recover the password is to “Reset the router to its Factory Default Settings”.

For getting the “Factory Default Setting” of your router, find and press the “RESET” key on your TP-Link smart WIFI router for 10 to 20 seconds, just using a pin, and then release the button quickly. Remember that while pressing the “RESET” button your device should be on active/running mode. Otherwise this button will not work, even after pressing it.

Points to remember 

  1. After resetting the router, you have to use the default IP address only that is or if it is unable to work, then use the web setup wizard http://tplinkwifi.netAs the default username use only “ADMIN”, and as the default password also use only “ADMIN”.
  2. The third last measure is that the IP address of your device, like computer, laptop, PC, etc. should be in the same subnet along with the device. It means the subnet mask is, and the IP address of whatever the device you will be using is 192.168.0.x whereas the ‘X’ is in the range of 2~253.


How do I change my TP-Link WIFI?

To change the default login to the ADMIN panel of your TP-Link WIFI router, but for the login you have to use the in the initial step. At the web-based interface of the router, type the username and the password, both will be ADMIN and ADMIN. Then go to the options one after another that is “Wireless”, “Wireless Security”, then “WPA/WPA2” and as the personal recommendation, go to “Password”. There you have to enter the desired password for your router and save the changes by tapping to the SAVE.

  • Download the Net spot and install it into your smart device.
  • Activate the discover mode after unlocking the application.
  • The Net spot will collect the information about the nearby Wi-Fi networks and will display the wireless data in the form of an interactive table. Wait for the moment until this process gets over completely.
  • Click at the header of 2.4 GHz channels to know about the overlapping channels.
  • Find the channel having the least number of networks running on it. I, 6, or 11 is considered to be the less crowded and less overlapping channels for the tplink wifi setup and login.
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